2016 Riesling , Dry                                       

Upfront citrus notes with peach finish.

Pairing: Foods with cream sauce, cheese or butter                                                         750ml Bottle $14.99

2016 Gewürztraminer               

Lighter floral nose with savory spice and a hint of lime and mint on the finish.                                        

Pairings: Spicy foods- Curry, Thai Foods, Asian                                                             750ml Bottle $14.99

2016 Du Monde

Blend of Chardonnay and Riesling that is skin fermented with a gentle touch of oak.

Pairing: Salsa and spicy chicken                                                                                  750ml Bottle $14.99              


2015 Pinot Noir

Firm tannins with cherry upfront and a long  finish with a hint of clove.

Pairings: Roast beef and pork                                                                                         750ml Bottle  $19.99

2014 Bulls Blood

This exotic blend is made in the Hungarian tradition. It shows layers

Of flavor with notes of cherry, smoke and fire, ending in violets.

Pairings:  Smoked food and barbecue                                                                            750ml Bottle $29.99
2013 Trinity

Bordeaux Redeux!  80% Cab Franc, 10% Cab Sauvignon and 10% Merlot, robust tannins

Pairings: Grilled steak                                                                                                   750ml Bottle $19.99

2016 Cabernet Franc 

Notes of Cherry, Plum, Black Currant,  and slight earthy character; expressing  itself with soft tannins, moderate acidity and large body.

Pairings: Roasted or braised meat, blue cheese                                                                 750ml Bottle $29.99

2016 Saperavi

An ancient Georgian grape with deep color and  rich bouquet.                                                                                   

Pairings:  Steak, wild game and substantial meals.                                                            750ml Bottle $29.99


Semi Dry Riesling

Upfront fruit with noticeable sweetness

Pairing: Ham, soft cheese and lightly spiced foods                                                               750ml Bottle $12.99

Cayuga White                                          

Upfront Fruit with noticeable sweetness

Pairing: Spicy or sour Foods . Great with a Rueben                                                            750ml Bottle $10.99


​A La Mode Dessert Wine

​A delicious dessert wine made to taste like Apple Pie!

Pairing: Cheddar cheese or plain cheesecake                                                                     375ml Bottle $14.99

2016 Kagor

Decadent dessert wine with  lush rich cherry taste that morphs into cassis on the tongue.

Pairings: Dark or Bitter Sweet Chocolate                                                                            375ml Bottle  $19.99